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Vintage style

It’s a style that never sets. Not only that, the more the years that pass the more it becomes fashionable, especially in the field of eyesight. It brings with it the history and charm that has characterized a period that is no longer there and for this reason it acquires value over time.

Vintage can be understood as elements that can inspire designers for new collections, or as cult items, such as certain glasses made famous by great stars of the world of entertainment that have worn them.

It’s a matter of elegance, of class, of sobriety. It is the desire to want to emerge with an important detail. A small detail that makes an outfit great.

Casanova, model C-01, color LC-43, 1980s

Silhouette, model 416, 1970s

Origins and features

The term “VINTAGE” comes from the French “the age du vin”, or vintage of wine, originally referring to the harvest of the most valuable wines, since the passage of time led the product to be richer, better and consequently more valuable.

In the same way, an eyeglass labelled “vintage” has accumulated at least twenty years of life since its realization. An object produced in the past that has acquired value and importance thanks to its gifts of elegance and unrepeatability.

Scrolling through the list of brands that we market you will discover their history, their technical characteristics and the belief that over the years these brands have made the right decision in coming to the creation of objects that, unfortunately, we believe are not reproducible today with the same level of quality.

Our vintage and NOS proposals (New Old Stock)

In line with the vintage philosophy, our goal is to offer the customer a once-in-a-lifetime service by blending quality, uniqueness and also through enhancement of the products.

That’s why we’ve selected a series of vintage frames to help you choose your own unique personal style with fashion and quality products. Not only that, thanks to the fact that we started our business in 1942, we were able to create a stock of glasses that are called NOS as never used but produced long ago, with very high quality standards and difficult to find elsewhere.

The glasses should make the wearer feel comfortable, without having to give up comfort, stability and durability.

Casanova, Model Taxi 240, color C-02, 80s

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